Dems Tout FBI Investigation Of Trump Campaign And Russia, But Questions Remain

FBI Director James Comey’s confirmation that the agency is investigating ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian forces that attempted to influence the 2016 election has instigated a new round of accusations, speculation, and conspiracy theories among Democrats.

At a House Intelligence Committee hearing Monday, Comey said he had been authorized to publicly confirm that the investigation of Russian efforts to interfere with the election exists.

Democrats have long questioned Trump’s frequent praise of Vladimir Putin, shadowy contact between his associates and Russians, and his potential financial ties to Russia. Monday’s hearing appears to have infused their crusade with fresh urgency.

Republicans downplay the impact of Russia’s meddling, and they argue that nothing revealed so far has incriminated the president or those around him. That has not discouraged critics on the left. 

“Right now, this is serving as an innuendo festival for Democrats to try to drag down Trump’s approval rating,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell.

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