Dems Not All On Board With Warren’s Medicare-for-All Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren could be turning off swing voters in New Hampshire and the Midwest with her Medicare-for-All plan — which “opened up a can of worms” and leaves plenty of questions, pundits tell the Herald.

Warren, who took heat over the weekend from Democratic rivals, has also provided plenty of new talking points for President Trump.

“If fellow Democrats are picking her plan apart, imagine what the man in the White House is going to do and what conservatives are going to do,” said veteran pollster John Zogby.

Warren on Friday said her $52 trillion plan over 10 years wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, and it would require $20.5 trillion in new revenue. That revenue would come from employers paying Medicare instead of private insurance, and the rest from “targeted defense spending cuts, new taxes on financial firms, giant corporations, and the richest 1% of Americans.”

Many voters remain skeptical that this monster plan wouldn’t result in higher taxes for middle-class families.

Warren’s plan is a “complete fairy tale,” said Republican strategist Ford O’Connell.

“There is no way it’s not going to lead to taxes on the middle class,” he added.

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