Democrats Are Doing Everything They Can To Undermine Trump

Normally, when a political party loses an election, especially if the loss can be considered an upset, it embarks on a four-year mission to overturn the result.

It lines up and vets candidates, gauges support, adjusts platform planks and re-tools for the fight ahead.

But Democrats can't wait that long. They want President Trump's head, and they want it now. They want him impeached or forced to resign, and they seem ready to use all tools at their disposal to make it happen.

From former President Barack Obama's home in the tony Kalorama area of Washington, D.C., to major news operations to some in the intelligence community, Trump's opponents are doing all they can to undermine him.

Obama left the White House weary of eight years in office and ready to take a back seat, according to the Daily Mail. But as Trump began to dismantle his legacy — moving quickly to overturn Obama's legacy on healthcare, immigration and the environment — the former president changed his mind.

Now, his home has been called the "nerve center" of the resistance, and his former attorney general, Eric Holder, told reporters recently, "It's coming. He's coming. And he's ready to roll."

So is the media.

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