Dem Insiders See Indiana As Obama’s Biggest Hurdle In 2012

hmmm..sounds suspiciously familiar to something we said about five weeks ago at The Daily Caller.

Unfortunately, the Democrats maybe waking up from their slumber a little too early.

Choosing from a list of 10 swing states that Obama won in 2008, Democratic Political Insiders were asked to rank the top five states one-thru-five that would be the hardest for Obama to carry in 2012. Indiana was the clear consensus pick of the Democratic Insiders for where the president’s reelection campaign is likely to encounter the most difficulty—nearly two thirds of the Democratic Political Insiders ranked it first on their list.

Following the Hoosier State, the next four states that the Democratic Insiders predicted would be the hardest for Obama to carry were: North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Ohio.

Rank the top 5 states in terms of which ones you think are going to be the hardest for President Obama to carry in 2012.

Democrats (101 votes)

Index Score

  • Indiana 87%
  • North Carolina 57%
  • Virginia 47%
  • Florida 35%
  • Ohio 32%

Also receiving votes: New Hampshire, 13%; Colorado, 8%; Iowa, 7%; Nevada, 7%; Missouri, 3%; New Mexico, 3%; Montana, 1%; Arizona, North Dakota, Michigan, and Minnesota, less than 1%.

“There’s no way he keeps Indiana; the economy and weakness of Indiana Democrats makes this exceedingly difficult,” said one Democratic Insider. Echoed another: “It’s the state most reliant on manufacturing and that helped in ’08, but now hurts Obama.” And a third Democratic Insider observed that Indiana “went red in last election; was fluke he won there in 2008.”

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