Defying Conventional Wisdom, Trump Marches Toward GOP Nomination

Presidential candidates like Donald Trump are not supposed to win general elections, at least according to conventional wisdom. But if the last several months have demonstrated anything, it's that Donald Trump can defy conventional wisdom and get away with it.

The billionaire businessman Trump, who has never held political office, this week solidified his position as the Republican presidential frontrunner with a series of crucial wins on Super Tuesday, the primary election's single most important day of voting.

As he marches toward the Republican nomination, Trump has used a trademark formula for success, combining often extreme statements on issues of national security and immigration with an endless deluge of personal insults against his Republican rivals.

Trump himself seems to recognize the dangers of being too abrasive. On multiple occasions throughout his primary campaign, he has acknowledged he will have to change his "tone" and act "much different" if he were about to become president.

Other analysts, such as Republican strategist Ford O'Connell, are more optimistic. "I do think that when he moves to the general election, he is going to change his tone and rhetoric," O'Connell says.

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