Confirmation Battles Brewing For Trump's Key Cabinet Picks

Determined Democrats are digging in for tough confirmation battles against President-elect Donald Trump’s picks for attorney general, secretaries of state and treasury, and head of the EPA, even as the brash billionaire is putting together a “war room” to fight back.

“Some of these could get downright nasty,” Republican operative Ford O’Connell told the Herald. “The Democrats are hoping it’s made for TV and obviously the Trump guys are going to have to be very strategic about the order in which they send these folks up to the plate.”

Democrats have been quick to slam many on the Trump nominee list.

With a majority of 52 Republicans controlling the Senate, Democrats will face tough odds, barring a yet-undiscovered smoking gun scandal, experts said.

But Democrats can still use the televised inquisitions to rally their base, define policy priorities for the new year and, of course, raise their profiles.

But Trump and Senate Republicans have another advantage: They’ll control the timing and sequence of the nomination hearings.

That’s important, O’Connell said, because it’s unlikely Democrats will be able to whip up outrage and protest for every single Trump nominee. That may mean Trump will put his strongest nominees up first, hoping Democratic opposition will eventually peter out.

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