Coming Weeks Make-Or-Break For U.S. Republican Presidential Candidates

The next several weeks will be crucial for U.S. Republican presidential candidates as the primary season intensifies with "Super Tuesday" coming next week.

Outspoken billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump is now the undisputed front-runner after a string of wins. Analysts now admitted that they had underestimated Trump's unique ability to dominate the news cycle and his appeal to rank-and-file Republican voters who are frustrated with Washington's political elite.

Trump just clinched a landslide victory in Nevada earlier the week in addition to his wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina, though he was just six months ago predicted to fade out quickly.

Trump has been able to tap into Americans' frustration over the economy, jobs and foreign policy like no other candidate, and could well clinch the nomination, experts said.

"He's on a strong path to the nomination," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell told Xinhua. "They've ignored him so long that he's become his own hurricane on the campaign trail."

While many analysts maintain that the game is not yet over, Trump's winning streak underscores a candidate who has constantly beaten analysts' predictions.

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