CNN Poll: 50% Favor Repealing Health Care Law

Just hours before the House of Representatives is scheduled to begin debate on repealing the nation’s new health care law, a new national poll indicates that given the same choice lawmakers will face between repealing the whole measure or keeping it all in place, half of all Americans prefer repeal.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, released on Tuesday, also indicates wide partisan and generational divides over the issue.

Tuesday’s debate and a scheduled House vote on Wednesday fulfills a campaign promise by congressional Republicans to attempt to repeal health care reform, but also sets up a clash with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats.

According to the poll, when asked if they would rather see Congress vote to repeal all of the provisions or keep them in place, 50 percent of all Americans favor repeal – even though only one in six dislike everything in the bill. Four in ten oppose such a move.

“Some provisions of the new health care law, such as changes that prevent health insurance companies from denying or dropping coverage for sick people, are extremely popular, and nearly eight in ten Americans say they like at least some aspects of the health care law,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Polls tend to show that Americans would like to repeal some parts of the new law and keep others. But that option won’t be available to lawmakers when the House votes this week.”

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