Chris Christie Shuns Media On Last Day In England

This final day in England was to showcase his concern for drug addicts, to boost New Jersey’s economy and to see Rutgers students rehearse a play by the world’s greatest playwright.

Instead Governor Christie was refusing to answer questions and canceling media appearances as his comments that parents should have a choice in vaccinations continued to draw ire.

Ford O’Connell, a Republican consultant who was worked on presidential campaigns, said Christie’s comments on vaccines are unlikely to hurt a potential presidential bid, but he said the governor should consider the gaffe a learning experience.

“Chris Christie just learned a very valuable lesson in 2016 presidential politics,” O’Connell said. “Don’t go chasing the news cycle, particularly in a potentially packed GOP field, when your communications team is not fully built out and you are not ready for prime time. It will do more harm than good, regardless of the issue. When in doubt, keep your mouth shut and let someone else commit the gaffe.”

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