Chris Christie Bridge Scandal: Did Press Conference Save His Future?

To save his political future, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie needed to cover major ground in his marathon press conference Thursday over a scandalous traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge last September, political observers say.

Governor Christie (R), seen as a likely candidate for president in 2016, needed to apologize, fire someone, and look completely sincere in the process.

He did all of the above. But Christie’s not out of the woods on “Bridgegate.” His reputation for managerial skill and straight talk has been dinged, even as he maintained he had no involvement or knowledge of the traffic scheme. Some questions remain. And he is now on notice that if anything new comes out that contradicts what he said Thursday, he may not recover.

The episode is “definitely a mark against him, but on the flip side it’s the first true test of whether he’s ready for prime time in a 2016 run,” says Republican strategist Ford O’Connell. “Lord knows what Democratic trackers will pop up against him. But right now, he’s saying and doing the right thing.”

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