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Michele Bachmann: Underestimated By The Media

Of course Michele Bachmann has been underestimated. But then again, the media has underestimated most of the 2012 GOP field (except for Donald Trump) since the process began. Bachmann is a strong personality who knows how to connect with an … Continued

North Carolina Is Vital To Beating Obama In 2012

President Obama was in North Carolina on Monday (6/11/11) to discuss job creation. But why is Team Obama specifically targeting North Carolina? Team Obama is wise to make North Carolina a priority in 2012, because it guarantees the GOP will … Continued

Mitt Romney’s Primary Hurdle

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller Mitt Romney has decided to lose his necktie this time around. Unfortunately, shedding clothing hasn’t proven itself to be a winner for politicians lately. Romney will need to strip away more than just his formal … Continued

Sarah Palin’s 2012 Roadmap

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller As the Palin family’s “One Nation” bus tour rumbles up the East Coast, we can’t help but chuckle at the media’s deep-seated fetish with all things Sarah. Will she run or won’t she run? Based on … Continued