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Offsetting Obama’s Cash Advantage

Re-posted from the Daily Caller You can find fault with Barack Obama on a lot of issues, but you can’t argue with his fundraising prowess. The president’s team may have been a bit cocky when they set their 2012 fundraising targets, and … Continued

Bachmann Surge A Direct Result Of Disdain For Romney

Michele Bachmann’s recent surge is a direct result of the disdain that the tea party and social conservatives have for frontrunner Mitt Romney and his wavering positions. Should Rick Perry enter the race, Rep. Bachmann could find herself quickly falling … Continued

Thad McCotter: ‘The Longest Of Long Shots’

Rep. McCotter is a strong personality with a great political future, but he is not yet White House material. Given that a sitting House member has not won the presidency since 1880, he is not only the longest of long … Continued