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Florida, Florida, Florida

Florida will definitely be center stage in the Republican presidential sweepstakes for the next two weeks. The state is hosting two debates among the contenders, a major conference where they will all speak and a straw poll. Some analysts say … Continued

Florida Role In GOP Primary Growing

When Florida will vote in the 2012 GOP presidential primary remains anyone’s guess, but the state is already having a dramatic and early impact in determining who will challenge President Barack Obama. For most of the next four weeks Florida … Continued

Mitt Romney’s Iowa Strategy

Winning the GOP presidential nomination is all about capturing lightening in a bottle, and it is never wise to publicly downplay the importance of a nominating contest, particularly the first one out of the chute (Iowa). But Mitt Romney’s strategy … Continued

Analysis: Palin Boosts Political Influence, Buffers Brand

Sarah Palin may not be officially seeking the Republican nomination for president, but she is making sure stays within the party’s public eye. Whether visiting the Iowa State Fair the day before the closely watched Iowa “straw poll” or roaring … Continued

The GOP Was Wise To Accept The Debt Deal

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller Like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and other fiscal conservatives, we detest the debt deal. It is a stopgap measure, not a long-term solution. By itself, it does not make a dent in our debt problem, it hardly … Continued