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The Job For The Next RNC Chair (Human Events)

Re-Posted From Human Events You know you’re in trouble when you’re running for re-election, and your challengers don’t even bother to bring up your controversial record. Just ask Michael Steele. The other candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee … Continued

When Elephants Fight, It’s Always Hard To Keep The Noise Down

Re-posted From Politico’s “The Arena” Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is drawing a connection between one of the contenders for the RNC’s top post and the rumored presidential aspirations of Haley Barbour. A similar too-close linkage to Mitt Romney scuttled the campaign of … Continued

O’Connell In Today’s Politico Arena — ‘Obama’s Daley Show’

Here is CivicForumPac Chairman Ford O’Connell’s response to “Obama’s Daley Show” in the Politico Arena: If President Obama wants to win reelection in 2012, he knows economic growth must improve. The appointment of William Daley as chief of staff signals Obama’s understanding that … Continued

Ford O’Connell On Health Care Repeal in The Arena

Here is Ford O’Connell’s response to today’s “The Arena” question, “health care repeal gaining momentum?” Repealing Obamacare was a central campaign topic for Republicans last November. It misses the mark to categorize this first vote as a political gimmick when … Continued

Gentry Collins Drops Out Of RNC Chairmanship Race

Gentry Collins, a former top political hand to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele who resigned, blasted Steele, and then vied for his old boss’s job, has dropped out of the race. Collins faced stiff odds in his bid as … Continued

Michael Steele’s Top Aides Quit On Day Of RNC Debate

Michael Steele’s odds for a second term as Republican National Committee chairman grew much longer Monday, as two of his top aides quit and a count of the committee’s 168 members showed no path to a win for the incumbent. Michael … Continued