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O’Connell On Florida Obamacare Ruling At Politico Arena

Ford O’Connell’s response to today’s Politico “The Arena” question, “Health care reform gasping for air?”: From the outset, the individual mandate requirement of Obamacare has been the major sticking point for conservatives. Until the president and Congress remove this component, … Continued

O’Connell Weighs In On Allen/Radtke Va. Senate Primary

Virginia Republicans, meanwhile, say Allen is taking the primary very seriously. The former senator has already begun traversing the state, talking to activists and donors. “[The 2010 election] showed that a lot has changed since 2006 when George Allen last … Continued

GOP 2012 & Palin: It’s Not All About Sarah

Cross-posted to The Daily Caller Now that Reince Priebus has been installed as the new RNC chair, and Sarah Palin has decided that she is “not going to shut up,” the time has come for conservatives to have an open … Continued