Can Sarah Palin's Endorsement Give Trump A Bump In Iowa?

After three days of teasing a “big announcement” and rumors swirling, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump confirmed on Tuesday that former 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is endorsing his bid for the GOP nomination.

The endorsement could give Trump a boost less than two weeks before the Iowa Caucus, where the front runner and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are in a tight race, battling for Republican primary votes.

“Trump is pulling out all the stops to win Iowa and Palin’s endorsement is evidence of that,” said Ford O'Connell, Republican strategist and former adviser to the 2008 McCain-Palin presidential campaign.

O’Connell says the former Alaska governor is still considered to be a “rock star among Evangelicals and Tea Party types,” particularly in Iowa, where Palin has done a lot of stumping even after she faded from the national media spotlight. He says Trump’s goal is to eliminate Cruz’s chances in the Hawkeye state.

“This is about using what star power Sarah Palin has left to honestly take Iowa and rip it out from underneath Ted Cruz,” said O’Connell. “Palin really has the Midas touch in places with voters that Trump needs to win like Iowa - she is the best choice.”

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