Can Harold And Kumar Keep Barack Obama In The White House—Or Will Chuck Norris Keep Him Out?

You speak of a smokin'-fresh spoof in which POTUS calls Harold and Kumar to get them, um, fired up for the Democratic National Convention.

"Who was that?" a stoned-looking John Cho asks Kal Penn after listening to Barack Obama come through on an answering machine. "Sounded intense."

Intense it may be, but according to political analysts, don't look for the spot--or opposing videos by folks like Victoria Jackson or Chuck Norris—to make much of a dent, at least, among voters who really matter.

Why? Because the videos clearly appeal to certain demographics—groups that are pretty much already locked down as either pro-POTUS or pro-Mitt Romney.

In other words, says Republican strategist and former presidential campaign advisor Ford O'Connell, this election is really about "undecided voters in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio and Virginia, and I don't see how these videos are speaking to those groups."

Instead, O'Connell says, the videos are perfect for another purpose: keeping political bases interested and engaged. (Note that not every video is official; many are done independently.)

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