Will Democrats Propel Santorum To Victory In Michigan?

The silly season just got sillier. But given how close the battle in Michigan is leading up to primary day (Feb. 28), something tells me Team Romney doesn't find this the least bit funny. On the other hand, Team Santorum rightly knows that Michigan is tanamount to a "must-win" contest. CNN's Jim Acosta has more:

“On Tuesday, join Democrats who are going to send a loud message to Massachusetts Mitt Romney,” says an unidentified voice in a Santorum robo call to Michigan voters.

The Santorum robo call attempts to rally Democrats with a reference to Romney’s now well-known opposition to the bailout for U.S. automakers.

Michigan’s primary is open to all voters. For weeks, liberal bloggers have called on Democrats to cross over Tuesday to support Santorum as a way to damage Romney’s chances of capturing the GOP nomination.

A Santorum spokesman defended the overt attempt to lure voters from outside the Republican Party, saying the former Pennsylvania senator’s message “resonates with conservatives and Reagan Democrats alike.”

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