Can Christie Bridge The Scandal To 2016?

Will "bridgegate" derail Chris Christie's presidential aspirations for 2016?

It certainly could, particularly if information emerges that the popular governor of New Jersey knew about the plan to deliberately snarl traffic on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Memorial Bridge. Christie has burned his bridge, so to speak, on this. He has openly and specifically denied any knowledge of it. If we learn he lied, he's toast.

But if this doesn't happen, he'll probably, in the words of David Axelrod, longtime political advisor to President Obama, "live to fight another day."

Fight, perhaps. But win? That's a more complicated question. He has taken all the right steps – are you taking notes, President Obama? He held a two-hour all-comers press conference. He jettisoned longtime trusted aides. He promised further reforms. And, most importantly, he took responsibility.

His performance on Thursday could be critical to his future. The B word – "bully" – has long dogged Christie's political career. He seems to know this and has attempted to address it in a variety of ways even before this story broke.

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