Brace For Privacy Bill Of Rights, Zuckerberg!

Mark Zuckerberg’s desperate tour to limit damage to Facebook from its massive Cambridge Analytica scandal heads to Congress next week amid growing calls to regulate the social network and a Bay State senator’s demands for a “privacy bill of rights.”

Sen. Edward J. Markey, who will question Zuckerberg when he appears Tuesday at a high-stakes hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees, said it’s time for Congress to guarantee Americans the right to online privacy.

Zuckerberg, in an hourlong conference call with reporters this week, refined the type of contrite tone he’ll need to survive two days of being flayed by lawmakers.

The two committees Zuckerberg will appear before next week were rich beneficiaries of the social media giant in the 2016 elections.

In all, committee members raked in $334,555 in campaign contributions from Facebook and its affiliates, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Republican political strategist Ford O’Connell said, “Congress, they love to use whoever they are cross-examining as a pinata.”

But even though Democrats and Republicans will likely find common ground targeting the Facebook exec, lawmakers from both parties will have a tougher time agreeing on how to regulate the internet giant. “The chance of Republicans and Democrats coming together on a solution? You have better chance of finding a flea at a flea market,” O’Connell said. “Their understandings of regulations is an ocean apart.”

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