Book: GOP Needs To Embrace The Pop Culture Presidency

Republicans need to stop sniveling about President Obama's pop culture presidency and book themselves on ESPN and Bravo to fight back, says GOP strategist Ford O'Connell in his new book "Hail Mary."

O'Connell argues that the current POTUS understands the "TMZ/ESPN/HBO society" better than most Republicans. "It's a little worse than that, actually," writes O'Connell. "Republicans mock Obama for his television and cultural savvy rather than trying to learn from him."

The new book -- which hit Amazon Tuesday -- uses football analogies (hence the title, "Hail Mary") and a little tough love to offer the GOP a winning playbook for the White House in 2016. O'Connell, a U.S. News opinion contributor, explained that Republicans need to remember that not every American is constantly tuned into politics. "People are not narcissists like politicians who wake up in the morning and read the Washington Post op-ed page -- they don't do that, they don't watch, 'Morning Joe,'" O'Connell told Whispers. "Where are they? They're watching Bravo -- you've got to go where the eyeballs are."

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