Bernie Has The Democratic Establishment Petrified And Other Commentary

Consultant: Bernie Sanders Has Democrats Petrified

Once again, Sen. Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls, drawing large crowds — and “giving many Democrats and their allies heartburn,” suggests Ford O’Connell at The Hill. Already, his presidential campaign is “reopening old wounds” from 2016. Indeed, “the message from institutional Democrats and their allies in the media is simple: Just please go away, Bernie.” Because this time around, Sanders “could conceivably win the nomination.” He has “strong name ID, a loyal and committed set of core supporters, the ability to raise money like a televangelist and an online presence that you just can’t buy.” But the general election “poses some real problems for Sanders, and the brain trust behind the Democratic Party knows it.” Which is why the Trump White House sees Bernie 2.0 “as a dream come true.”

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