Ben Carson Tries To Clarify Story About West Point Scholarship

Ben Carson is trying to stanch the bleeding over a report he fabricated a full scholarship to West Point — a revelation that could cost the neurosurgeon his top-tier status in the GOP polls, according to one New Hampshire GOP strategist.

Carson struck back at a Politico report yesterday that he spun a tale about being offered a full scholarship to West Point. He argued the invitation was “informal” in an interview with The New York Times.

Carson has come under more intense scrutiny as his poll numbers have rocketed in recent weeks.

GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said the Carson dustup is hardly a campaign-killer — as long as it stops here.

“I think he can weather the storm from this,” said O’Connell. “The GOP electorate finds him so likable he can’t lose that likability factor, or else his bid for the nomination is toast. He has to realize that the mainstream media is going to hang on every word. He has to cut down on the verbal miscues.

“Presidential candidates only get so many mulligans, and Carson’s already used up most of them. He can come back from this, but he has to realize going forward, he has to cut down on it.”

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