Battles Brewing Between U.S. Congress, White House

The U.S. Congress and the White House are expected to come out swinging on a number of hot-button issues after midterm elections this month shifted the control of the Congress to the Republican Party (GOP).

Republicans' control of the Senate saw one of the strongest GOP sweeps since World War II. This was largely a reflection of voters' rejection of President Barack Obama's policies, which critics contend have not helped the sluggish U.S. economy and high jobless rate.

Refusing to become a lame duck, Obama has given GOP lawmakers an ultimatum on immigration reform -- either address the problem in less than two months or he will circumvent the Congress and issue an executive order to give amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants.

"Obama doesn't want to be a lame duck and he's going to come out fighting tooth and nail against the Republicans," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell told Xinhua.

Republicans will not back down on two critical issues: Obama's proposed amnesty deal for 5 million illegal immigrants and a deal with Iran on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, O'Connell said.

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