Conservative Movement Must Commit To A Long-Term Outreach Strategy

The 2010 election represented a historic victory for center-right principles and candidates. Voters across the country responded positively to a message of low taxes, responsible spending and individual freedom, effectively rejecting some of the major policies enacted over the past … Continued

Are RNC Committeemen Even Listening?

I wonder if Republican Committeemen are even listening to the Republican grassroots. Or do they just think they know best? That’s what they thought two years ago. They thought the RNC needed a black man as the face of the … Continued

The Job For The Next RNC Chair (Human Events)

Re-Posted From Human Events You know you’re in trouble when you’re running for re-election, and your challengers don’t even bother to bring up your controversial record. Just ask Michael Steele. The other candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee … Continued

When Elephants Fight, It’s Always Hard To Keep The Noise Down

Re-posted From Politico’s “The Arena” Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is drawing a connection between one of the contenders for the RNC’s top post and the rumored presidential aspirations of Haley Barbour. A similar too-close linkage to Mitt Romney scuttled the campaign of … Continued

West Virginia May Schedule Gubernatorial Election This Year

Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi will hold regularly scheduled gubernatorial elections this year, but West Virginia may do so as well. Next Tuesday, the state’s Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments on whether the state should hold a special election … Continued

Ensign In Bad Shape, Heller Much Better

John Ensign trails every Democrat on the farm in hypothetical reelection contests next year but Republicans have a very good chance at keeping his seat if Dean Heller ends up as the party nominee instead. Ensign’s approval rating is only … Continued

Ryan-Rubio 2012?

This sounds a lot better than the names currently being thrown around: Having just returned from the e21 and Manhattan Institute-sponsored Conversation with Paul Ryan (very ably conducted by Paul Gigot)–and having seen Marco Rubio speak recently as well, I’ll just say … Continued

House Plans Test Vote Friday On Health Care Repeal

The House opens a largely symbolic debate Friday on whether to repeal President Barack Obama’s landmark health care overhaul, the culmination of the first week with Republicans back in charge. A procedural vote around midday will set the rules for … Continued

An Unorthodox Path To RNC Victory

Do you think Anuzis’s strategy of tying Priebus to Steele will work? I don’t: Wisconsin Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus is the clear front-runner in the race to replace Michael Steele, but that doesn’t mean Priebus will waltz to victory. Instead, history … Continued