Rasmussen: Support for Public Employee Unions Declines

This is potentially a good sign for Republicans in their quest to re-take the White House, particularly in the 2012 battleground states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. With states across the country finding that benefits for public workers are becoming … Continued

When Elephants Fight, It Is Always Hard To Keep The Noise Down

Re-Posted From Politico’s “The Arena” Conservative blogger Dan Riehl is drawing a connection between one of the contenders for the RNC’s top post and the rumored presidential aspirations of Haley Barbour. A similar too-close linkage to Mitt Romney scuttled the campaign of … Continued

Could The Chairman Still Steele The Show?

The casual observer may be forgiven for thinking that Michael Steele will be a non-factor this Friday when the Republican National Committee gathers to select its chairman for the next two years. They would be mistaken. Steele, the current chairman … Continued

The Inside Politics of the RNC Election

RNC elections are very hard to predict.  They run under special rules of gravity based nearly as much on personal relationships as ideology.  My handicapping — a partially informed guess at best — is as follows.  Reince Priebus, the very … Continued

Rubio Not Interested in V.P.

Newly elected Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, whose meteoric rise has made him a star in Republican circles, said Monday that he isn’t interested in being the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nominee. “Are you at least open to the possibility?” Panama City … Continued

RNC Race Focusing On Finances

The voting members of the Republican National Committee are spending the final week before electing a chairman on Friday debating each candidate’s fundraising prowess, a recognition that the next national party chairman will have to spend most of his or … Continued