Perry Banking On Flat Tax Plan To Boost Campaign

As many fiscal conservatives turn cartwheels over the flat tax proposal Gov. Rick Perry is set to unveil here in the Palmetto State today, the Texas presidential contender is relishing finally being in the headlines for something other than his debate gaffes … Continued

Team Romney’s Goal: Quash Rick Perry Now

Despite Herman Cain’s co-frontrunner status and Rick Perry’s decline in the polls, Team Romney is focused on ending Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential bid as soon as possible. Jim O’Sullivan at the NationalJournal has more: In a new website, in … Continued

Bobby Jindal Wins Second Term As Louisiana’s Governor

CivicForumPAC-backed candidate Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has won a second term in the Pelican State. Andrea Riquier at Bloomberg has more: Bobby Jindal, a Republican who championed stronger ethics laws in his first term as Louisiana governor, won re-election against … Continued

Republican Debate Gives Feisty Perry Chance To Recover

Rick Perry put the political obituaries on hold on Tuesday, firing a volley of attacks at Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney in his strongest and most energetic debate performance. With his poll numbers sliding after a string of poor debates, … Continued

Pens, Podiums And Parity At Candidates’ Debate

Participants in Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate will take part in a classic American political ritual, where the questions are closely vetted for fairness and even the pens and bottled water are regulated. Good debate performances can boost or break a … Continued

National Review Gives Rick Perry’s Energy Plan High Marks

Late last week Texas Governor Rick Perry released his energy plan: “Energizing American Jobs and Security.” Regardless of whether Perry wins the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, the editors at National Review Online argue that the plan has significant merit: It … Continued