2011 Governors Races – June 2011 Update

Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia are electing governors in 2011, but the contests look to be competitive in only two states.  In Louisiana and Mississippi, no strong Democratic candidate has emerged and there is no sign that the Democratic … Continued

Will GOP Primary Voters Pick A Winner in 2012?

Ford O’Connell comments on the key litmus test for the eventual Republican nominee to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012 (originally published in The Daily Caller): Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan framed the question as, “Are you better off than … Continued

2012 Is All About Florida

We have been stressing the importance of the Sunshine State for the eventual 2012 GOP nominee from the outset. “Florida is by far and away the single most important state for the GOP and its presidential contenders, both in the … Continued

Michele Bachmann: Underestimated By The Media

Of course Michele Bachmann has been underestimated. But then again, the media has underestimated most of the 2012 GOP field (except for Donald Trump) since the process began. Bachmann is a strong personality who knows how to connect with an … Continued

Bachmann In For 2012…For Now

On Monday night in New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann declared that she is running for president in 2012 and showed why she belongs in the GOP conversation. But is Mrs. Bachmann in for the long haul? Only time will tell. Now … Continued

North Carolina Is Vital To Beating Obama In 2012

President Obama was in North Carolina on Monday (6/11/11) to discuss job creation. But why is Team Obama specifically targeting North Carolina? Team Obama is wise to make North Carolina a priority in 2012, because it guarantees the GOP will … Continued