Offsetting Obama’s Cash Advantage

Re-posted from the Daily Caller You can find fault with Barack Obama on a lot of issues, but you can’t argue with his fundraising prowess. The president’s team may have been a bit cocky when they set their 2012 fundraising targets, and … Continued

Graphic: 2012 Presidential Spending

One thing is clear no matter who wins the Republican presidential nomination, President Obama will have stockpiled more money heading into the general election. Below is an early breakdown of how the candidates’ campaigns are spending their funds. Read more … Continued

Bob McDonnell On Rick Perry’s Potential Presidential Bid

Virginia will be a critical battleground state in 2012 for the GOP. And Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s, a potential 2012 VP nominee, recent praise for Texas Governor Rick Perry demonstrates the frustration that many Republicans have with current Republican presidential … Continued