Tim Pawlenty Goes Long On Ames Straw Poll

Let’s be honest, if Tim Pawlenty does not secure a first or second place finish in the Ames straw poll next week his campaign for president may never takeoff. Of course Michele Bachmann is a big hurdle to overcome, as … Continued

Is Jon Huntsman’s Presidential Campaign Imploding?

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on a presidential campaign knows that there will be disagreements among staffers and a certain amount of infighting as folks jockey for position and influence within the campaign. Given self-inflicted the slew of … Continued

Poll: Romney Tied With Obama, Leads GOP Field In Florida

The latest Quinnipiac University survey (published Aug, 4) for the all important battleground state of Florida shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney tied with President Obama. Romney has a significant lead among the GOP field in the Sunshine State. Texas Governor … Continued

2011 Governors Races – August 2011 Update

  Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia are electing governors in 2011, but the contests look to be competitive in only two states. In Louisiana and Mississippi, no strong Democratic candidate has emerged and there is no sign that the … Continued

The GOP Was Wise To Accept The Debt Deal

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller Like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and other fiscal conservatives, we detest the debt deal. It is a stopgap measure, not a long-term solution. By itself, it does not make a dent in our debt problem, it hardly … Continued