Ron Paul’s Media Blackout

Ron Paul finished just behind Michele Bachmann in Saturday’s Ames Straw Poll, yet the mainstream media chose to downright ignore this impressive achievement. And while it is extremely unlikely that Rep. Paul will win the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, … Continued

Mitt Romney’s Iowa Strategy

Winning the GOP presidential nomination is all about capturing lightening in a bottle, and it is never wise to publicly downplay the importance of a nominating contest, particularly the first one out of the chute (Iowa). But Mitt Romney’s strategy … Continued

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell To Chair RGA

We have the utmost confidence that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will build on the success of the past two RGA chairs (Haley Barbour and Rick Perry), and maybe even parley his new role into a possible 2012 vice presidential bid. … Continued

U.S. Senator Tim Pawlenty?

If the eventual GOP presidential nominee is unable to win the White House in 2012, the best way to check President Obama’s power is to control the U.S. Senate. The Republican Party currently needs to net four seats in 2012 … Continued

Analysis: Palin Boosts Political Influence, Buffers Brand

Sarah Palin may not be officially seeking the Republican nomination for president, but she is making sure stays within the party’s public eye. Whether visiting the Iowa State Fair the day before the closely watched Iowa “straw poll” or roaring … Continued

PPP: Obama Maintains Solid Lead In Colorado

This is not a good sign for the eventual Republican presidential nominee. If the GOP is to unseat Obama in 2012, Colorado could be a pivotal state. Democratic polling firm PPP reports that Obama maintains a healthy lead in The … Continued