Rick Perry Sets His Sights On Florida

Smart move by Team Perry since Florida’s electorate will be in the spotlight this fall and will be the most important for the eventual GOP presidential nominee throughout the campaign (both in the primary and the general election). If Rick … Continued

Bachmann To Skip Florida’s Presidency Five Straw Poll

For Team Bachmann, this is clearly a money play since. Still, the Florida electorate is the single most important for any GOP presidential candidate. If Bachmann cannot connect with the Sunshine State electorate, she could find herself on the outside … Continued

Rasmussen: Rick Perry Tops GOP Presidential Field

To many Republican primary voters, the latest Rasmussen survey (released 8/16/11) will not be a shocker. The only question is: Will the enthusiasm for Texas Gov. Rick Perry last? The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary … Continued

Hilary Clinton For Joe Biden?

We discussed this possibility one year ago at The Daily Caller. Now it appears the White House, in an effort to redefine itself, could once again be toying with the notion of dumping Biden in an effort to save Obama’s … Continued