At CPAC, Sparring Over A Path Forward

Leaders of the conservative movement sparred Friday over how to build a winning coalition following the disappointment of 2012, with some calling for a pivot to fresh ideas and others pushing for a recommitment to old ideals.  

The debate at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference revealed the depth of disagreement among conservatives that remains more than four months after Mitt Romney lost the presidential election and congressional Republicans lost seats in both the House and Senate. 

"People are frustrated with the nit-picking. One of the big fights right now is is this a messaging problem or a policy problem? It's a both problem," GOP strategist Ford O'Connell said. "When it comes to the fiscal issues those are timeless but you're going to have to repackage them and explain to people why that impacts them. On the other side, I think there are some real policy issues that have to be taken on — what is our role in national defense? Where are we with certain social issues? What's worrisome going out of CPAC is, will the narrative be about the [candidates] in the past or will the narrative be about the people going forward?" 

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