As Cities Burn, GOP Makes Law Enforcement A Centerpiece Of Convention's Third Night

The third night of the Republican National Convention was filled with impassioned defenses of law enforcement and celebrations of the military, calling them heroes under assault from the Left while President Trump stands with them.

One veteran Republican strategist said it was smart to suggest to voters they have a lot to lose by supporting Biden.

"In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump argued to many in the electorate — ‘what do you have to lose’ by voting for me? Hillary Clinton and the national media scoffed, but the electorate didn’t,” said Ford O’Connell. “In 2020, after three nights, President Trump and his surrogates are cogently making the case to many of those same voters that you have a lot to lose if you don’t reelect him. If team Trump continues to make this case over the next 60-plus days while simultaneously reminding voters that Biden is a Trojan horse for socialism, the voters who Trump needs to recapture — seniors, independents, suburbanites, conservative minorities — will come home to him, and Trump will win reelection."

Read more from W. James Antle III at the Washington Examiner

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