Analysis: After Healthcare Victory In Court, New Challenges For Obama

As Democrats celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Thursday that saved President Barack Obama's sweeping healthcare overhaul, the mood inside the White House was a subdued satisfaction.

The survival of the law - dubbed "Obamacare" by critics - preserves one of the Republicans' favorite tools for bashing the president as he vies for re-election on November 6 against Mitt Romney, who vowed again on Thursday to press for the repeal of the measure if he is elected.

Polls suggest that Republicans have won the public relations battle over the 2010 law. A majority of Americans say they oppose the law, but when asked about many of its provisions, most support them.

Republicans said Romney will make attacks on the law - and especially the individual mandate - a feature of his campaign. Opposition to the law helped inspire victories for Republicans in the 2010 congressional elections when they won a majority in the House of Representatives and statehouses across the country.

"This is a weapon that Romney can certainly use if he spins it the right way," Republican strategist Ford O'Connell said. "He can say, 'If you want this law repealed, I am literally your last option.'"

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