Analysis: Palin Boosts Political Influence, Buffers Brand

Sarah Palin may not be officially seeking the Republican nomination for president, but she is making sure stays within the party’s public eye.

Whether visiting the Iowa State Fair the day before the closely watched Iowa “straw poll” or roaring into Washington at a motorcycle rally to honor veterans, Palin has orchestrated her appearances in the focus of the Republican faithful.

Her political fund-raising has lagged, but polls show the former vice presidential nominee has retained a strong core of support as she flirts with entering the presidential race — and makes millions from books and television.

“She’s still contemplating whether or not she’s going to run,” said Ford O’Connell, who was an advisor on the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. “Her appearance in Iowa, which is the center of the political universe, shows that she is politically relevant.”

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