Mother Jones’ Desperate Hit Job On Susana Martinez

Brace yourself. This may come as a shock. Susana Martinez owes the Cuss Jar.

Yes, it turns out the governor of New Mexico utters the occasional naughty word. She once called her opponent a “bitch.” She may even have dropped an F-bomb during her term as governor.  

She also once wondered aloud what the New Mexico State Commission on the Status of Women did all day and why its leader is a member of her cabinet. A lot of voters probably would be interested in the answer to that question as well.

That is the best Mother Jones magazine could come up with in a 5,000-word hit piece released earlier this week, complete with purloined recordings of meetings and conference calls and other “inside” information on the 2010 campaign that put her in office.

To be charitable, the timing is interesting. Martinez is up for re-election in November. More importantly, her name has made its way to various short lists of potential vice presidential candidates in the 2016 election. It’s even possible she may run herself. And with Democrats stuck in the Hillary Clinton vortex– they can’t move decisively in any direction until she declares whether she will run in 2016 – her party and its supplicants in the press, such as MoJo, are spending their time trying to dirty up potential Republican presidential candidates.

The carousel of character assassination was bound to stop on Martinez at some point. MSNBC’s merciless round-the-clock coverage of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Bridgegate not only failed to knock him out of the race; it didn’t even manage to knock him from the top spot in the polls.

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