‘Just Ridiculous Lies’: Dems Incensed Over Misleading GOP Ads On Medicare For All

The GOP is hammering Democratic challengers in swing districts over a plan putting the government in full control of the health care system, betting that voter backlash over the multi-trillion dollar proposal will tip crucial House races to Republicans.

There’s just one problem: Few of the targeted Democrats actually support such a plan.

In battleground districts from California to Kentucky to New York, Democrats have gone out of their way to distance themselves from Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) $32 trillion single-payer proposal, only to be attacked for endorsing the plan anyway in Republican ads that range from misleading to outright false.

The effort to tie swing-district candidates to a single-payer concept — which Democrats are deeply divided on — illustrates the GOP's major disadvantage on health care after failing last year to pass unpopular Obamacare repeal bills.

Even President Donald Trump chimed in on the attacks Wednesday, railing against Democrats in a USA Today op-ed for plotting a socialist-style government takeover of health care.

"When it comes to core issues that voters are looking at, obviously Democrats have an advantage on health care," said Republican strategist Ford O'Connell. "So now you're watching the Republicans sort of move the goalposts."

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