Hillary Clinton Is No Barack Obama

If Hillary Clinton is to become the first female president, she'll have to do it differently than Barack Obama did in becoming our first African-American president.

The Obama coalition – women, Hispanics, African-Americans and young voters – seemed ripe for the picking for the former secretary of state, considering her opponent Donald Trump's remarks about women and Hispanics, his view that global warming, an issue important to millennials, is a hoax and his dogged pursuit of Obama's birth certificate. 

But it has not turned out that way. With five weeks to go until Election Day, Clinton remains a slight favorite to become the 45th president. But the momentum appears to be behind Trump – 46 percent of his backers are enthusiastic about voting for him; only 33 percent of hers say that – and lackluster support from the Obama coalition appears to be a big reason why. 

Among millennials, her support dropped 17 percent in the last month, and she and Trump both trail the combo of Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein among this group. 

Clinton's waning support among millennials has clearly begun to worry her campaign. Michelle Obama spent a day this week at Pennsylvania colleges stumping for Clinton, and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been deployed to campuses elsewhere to try to gin up support.

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