‘Hard’ Talk Brings Backlash For John Lewis

The weekend’s bitter feuding between Georgia U.S. Rep. John Lewis and Donald Trump has deepened Washington’s partisan divide as the president-elect prepares to take office, with Republicans defending Trump while Bay State Democrats and others doubled down for the civil rights legend.

The latest political storm — highlighting Democrats’ questions about the legitimacy of Trump’s election — began Friday when Lewis said he was skipping an inauguration for the first time since joining Congress three decades ago.

Republican commentators attacked Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of Bush as well. Democrats meanwhile voiced outrage, given Lewis’ stature as a civil rights advocate who marched at Selma, Ala., with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — whose legacy is being honored this weekend.

Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist, said, “This is as low as I have seen Democrats stoop in quite some time. Basically they are trying to push this narrative that Trump is not a legit president and they can’t get traction with it, so they are trying to shroud themselves in the race card and civil rights by trotting out John Lewis to make the case, hoping that Trump explodes.”

Read more form Chris Villani and Kathleen McKiernan at The Boston Herald

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