Monthly Archives: November 2011

Liberal Group Takes Aim At Mitt Romney For President

Obama gopher and progressive propaganda machine – Think Progress – has taken aim at Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential bid. The organization’s micro hit-site, “You Don’t Know Mitt: 99 Facts About Romney,” catalogues what they believe are discrediting statements about the … Continued

Herman Cain’s Awful Week

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller Herman Cain’s presidential candidacy appears to be showing some “initial resiliency” in the wake of allegations that the Georgia businessman sexually harassed three women when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association in … Continued

Romney Could Still Lose GOP Presidential Nomination

As of today, Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the 2012 Republican nomination stand at roughly 70 percent. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the former Massachusetts governor is still not a lock. If another candidate can win Iowa and/or do well in … Continued

Obama Fortunes Improve As Republican Rivals Argue

President Barack Obama’s fortunes rallied on Friday as the U.S. jobless rate eased, his approval rating rose and his Republican rivals battled over harassment claims against presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Nearly half of Americans now approve of how Obama is … Continued