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Romney’s Play For Iowa

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller In seven weeks, the game of musical chairs in the guise of debates will take a back seat to real voters in the Iowa caucuses. Although traditionally the Iowa caucuses have not determined the eventual Republican … Continued

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Cain Train On Steep Decline

This is unfortunate, because Georgia businessman Herman Cain was a breath of fresh air for the Republican Party. Had Mr. Cain handled the sexual allegions differently, his campaign might not be on the decline. That said, Cain’s latest gaffe concerning … Continued

Obama 2012 Electoral Strategy: Ohio Or Southwest Parlay?

You know that the battle for the White House is getting tight when the folks at The New Yorker have a handle on electoral strategy. If Florida goes to the eventual GOP presidential nominee, Ohio will likely decide the 2012 election. … Continued

Can Newt Gingrich Win Over The Anti-Romney Voting Bloc?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is making a comeback, and his stock rising in the latest polls. Will the anti-Romney voting bloc coalesce behind Gingrich’s presidential bid? Only time will tell. Amanda Paulson at The Christian Science Monitor has more: … Continued

Romney Still Trying To Seal Nomination

Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s best bet against President Barack Obama. Polls show he does best in head-to-head matchups against Obama, he has the most organized campaign team among Republican candidates, and he is easily winning the money primary … Continued

Perry’s Not Done Yet

Rick Perry’s “oops” moment will go down in history as one of the worst debate gaffes in presidential political history. But, it doesn’t kill Perry’s campaign. “Rick Perry still has a chance,” former presidential campaign advisor Ford O’Connell, a Republican, … Continued