Monthly Archives: October 2011

Perry Raises $17 Million In First Campaign Period

Texas Governor Rick Perry raised $17 million in his first quarter in his race for the Republican presidential nomination, solidifying his position as top rival to Mitt Romney. Perry’s campaign on Wednesday also reported an impressive $15 million in cash … Continued

Did Chris Christie Make The Right Choice?

At 49 years of age, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made the right decision. Christie will likely have other opportunities at becoming the GOP presidential nominee, especially if he continues his positive work in the Garden State. There are two … Continued

Obama Campaign Memo: Preview Of A Highly Negative 2012?

The Obama reelection campaign, up against the president’s low job-approval numbers, is on the offensive – and trying to lash the Republican Party to the conservative tea party movement. In a memo released Monday by the Chicago-based campaign, press secretary Ben LaBolt went … Continued

2012 U.S. Senate Forecast – October 2011 Update

Aside from winning the White House, the best way for the GOP to weaken President Obama’s power is for Republicans to win control of the U.S. Senate. In 2012, 33 Senate seats will be up (23 Democratic-held seats will be … Continued

2012 Electoral Map Projection – October 2011 Update

The Political Quarterback’s 2012 Electoral College scorecard remains relatively unchanged from July 2011. At the end of September, President Obama’s approval rating continues to sag and polls show strong showings by candidates Romney, Perry and even Cain against the increasingly … Continued

2011 Governors Races – October 2011 Update

  Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia are electing governors in 2011, but the contests look to be competitive in only one state (West Virginia). In Louisiana and Mississippi, no strong Democratic candidate has emerged and there is no sign … Continued

Romney Struggles To Win Republican Enthusiasm

Mitt Romney could be the presidential candidate with it all — money, organization, experience — except the thing he wants most. The love and enthusiasm of his fellow Republicans. Romney, the button-down establishment man, has never inspired the passion that … Continued