Monthly Archives: October 2011

Can Herman Cain Actually Win The GOP Nomination?

From the start, Herman Cain has confounded the Republican elite. The former pizza magnate, Navy mathematician, and talk radio host with no political experience jumped into the presidential race with both feet way back in January and has never looked back. Mr. … Continued

After Poor Debates, Perry May Skip Some In Future

Rick Perry may skip some upcoming GOP presidential debates, sidestepping a campaign staple that hasn’t been kind to the Texas governor in his first two months on the national stage. It’s a decision that ultimately could cause other Republicans to … Continued

Perry Flat Tax Plan Wins Conservative Fans

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was widely praised by conservatives on Tuesday as he issued his flat tax plan, which he hopes will revive his struggling campaign for the White House. The plan, which reduces corporate and income taxes to 20 … Continued

Perry Banking On Flat Tax Plan To Boost Campaign

As many fiscal conservatives turn cartwheels over the flat tax proposal Gov. Rick Perry is set to unveil here in the Palmetto State today, the Texas presidential contender is relishing finally being in the headlines for something other than his debate gaffes … Continued