Monthly Archives: August 2011

Analysis: Palin Boosts Political Influence, Buffers Brand

Sarah Palin may not be officially seeking the Republican nomination for president, but she is making sure stays within the party’s public eye. Whether visiting the Iowa State Fair the day before the closely watched Iowa “straw poll” or roaring … Continued

PPP: Obama Maintains Solid Lead In Colorado

This is not a good sign for the eventual Republican presidential nominee. If the GOP is to unseat Obama in 2012, Colorado could be a pivotal state. Democratic polling firm PPP reports that Obama maintains a healthy lead in The … Continued

Palin’s Bus Tour Heads To Iowa This Weekend

Will Sarah vie for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012? Only time will tell, but one things is for sure Mrs. Palin will not miss a chance to soak up some of the spotlight this weekend in Iowa? CNN’s Peter … Continued

Iowa Tea Party Founder Backs Bachmann’s Presidential Bid

This could prove to be big endorsement for Michele Bachmann’s presidential bid as we head into this weekend’s Ames Straw Poll, the Des Moines Register’s Jennifer Jacobs indicates. The founder and chairman of the Iowa tea party, Ryan Rhodes, has … Continued

Wisconsin Recall: GOP Holds State Senate

Good news out of Wisconsin for Republicans nationally. Had state GOPers lost control of the Senate, it would have been a big boost for Democrats and unions heading into 2012. There is a chance that Wisconsin Republicans could win back … Continued

Harry Reid’s Super Committee Picks

Sen. Reid’s picks are in. Three down, nine to go, Politico reports. In the first of what will be a closely watched selection process for a powerful new deficit panel, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he will appoint Democratic Sens. … Continued