Monthly Archives: May 2011

Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin Senate Plans To Be Announced Soon

If House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan chooses to run for the Wisconsin Senate seat in 2012, the GOP’s chances of taking control of Congress’ upper chamber would improve dramatically. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said Sunday he will decide … Continued

Ron Paul Money Bombs Lined Up and Ready to Go

Sandy Sanders at Virginia Right! is following Trevor Lyman and his program to replicate the highly successful Ron Paul money bomb program he ran in 2007/2008 (a substantial $15 million effort).  Lyman’s plans for 10 money bomb projects are posted … Continued

Tim Pawlenty Nets Big Donors For 2012 Run

A positive sign for candidate Pawlenty. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains little-known beyond his home state, but he has begun to line up wealthy donors, a critical constituency. Even as he draws low single-digit support in early polls, Mr. … Continued

Herb Kohl Retirement Affects U.S. Senate and 2012 Presidential Races

CivicForumPAC offers an early analysis of the Electoral College landscape for 2012. Breaking down the numbers state by state, the successes of newly inaugurated Republican governors in several states will be key to the fortunes of the eventual GOP presidential nominee.

Mike Huckabee: In Or Out For 2012?

According to the Associated Press: Republican Mike Huckabee, who is considering a second presidential run, said Friday that he planned a “very important” announcement on his Fox News Channel show this weekend The winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses told … Continued