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Could The GOP Lose The House In 2012?

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller While the GOP has both eyes on changing the occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and capturing control of the U.S. Senate, House Republicans still need to be looking in their rear-view mirror for a rump Democratic … Continued

All Eyes Turn To Wisconsin Supreme Court Race On Tuesday

A conservative judge’s campaign for reelection to the Wisconsin Supreme Court has become the next front in a growing multistate Republican effort to limit the power of organized labor. The once-obscure judicial race, which will be decided in an election Tuesday, … Continued

Democrats Eye 2012 Takeover Of House

As part of the effort to win back the House majority, Democrats are eyeing dozens of districts that have tell-tale political signs of Republican incumbents who might be ripe for takedown. While more than a few of them constitute an … Continued

Democrats Pin 2012 Senate Hopes On Federal Budget Showdown

Democrats, who are barely clinging to a majority in the Senate, seem to be pinning their 2012 election hopes on exploiting the current budget impasse that has Republican leaders under pressure from Tea Party activists not to compromise. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., … Continued