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The Case For Sen. Dean Heller In Nevada

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller The Republican Party needs to ring the bell in Nevada if it expects to capture the White House in 2012. It’s not about the Silver State’s six electoral votes, but about its demographics. If the GOP can … Continued

Scott Walker: Why I’m Fighting In Wisconsin

Most states in the country are facing a major budget deficit. Many are cutting billions of dollars of aid to schools and local governments. These cuts lead to massive layoffs or increases in property taxes—or both. In Wisconsin, we have … Continued

2011 Governors Races – CivicForumPAC Projections

President Obama is in the process of putting together a political operation that could stymie the Republican nominee before the race begins. It is an imperative for the GOP to shore-up homegrown support now in the non-battleground states.  If the … Continued

PPP: 2012 Missouri Senate Race A Toss Up

PPP’s 2nd poll on the 2012 US Senate race in Missouri finds pretty much the same thing as the first one. Voters are closely divided on Claire McCaskill’s job performance and she polls in the mid-40s against all of her … Continued

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Bob Casey Safe For Now

Top-tier Republicans in Pennsylvania are passing on a shot at challenging Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, increasing the likelihood that the road to GOP control of the chamber will bypass the Keystone State. Despite the GOP’s massive electoral gains last year, … Continued

Maine Republicans Looking To Oust Sen. Olympia Snowe

Maine Republicans want to swap out Olympia Snowe for someone more conservative. PPP’s newest poll in the state finds that hasn’t changed: only 33% of primary voters in the state say they would support Snowe next year to 58% who … Continued

Haley Barbour Moves Closer To 2012 Presidential Bid

Former Republican National Committee communications director Jim Dyke has signed on with Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour’s political action committee, a major signing in the below-the-radar fight for staff talent in advance of the 2012 GOP presidential primary fight. Dyke will serve … Continued