Monthly Archives: March 2011

The GOP’s Demographics Problem

A quick glance at the 2012 electoral map indicates that if President Obama is to be unseated, it will largely depend on how the eventual Republican presidential nominee fares in the battleground states of the Sun Belt (Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, … Continued

Census: Hispanics To Hit 50 Million

If the eventual 2012 GOP presidential nominee wants to win in the Sun Belt battleground states, that individual will need to appeal to America’s growing Hispanic population. In a surprising show of growth, Hispanics accounted for more than half of … Continued

Biden: Democrats May Lose U.S. Senate In 2012

Vice President Biden is warning supporters that Democrats are in danger of losing the Senate, and that the party is facing “the toughest electoral climate we’ve seen in a long time.” In an e-mail from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee … Continued

GOP Makes Strong Gains In U.S. Senate Recruitment

In the recruiting battle for 2012 Senate candidates, Republicans are winning by a landslide. Just three months into the election cycle, the GOP has locked down heavyweight candidates in seven key Senate races, with top contenders seriously thinking about running … Continued

2012 Will Be A Referendum On President Obama

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller Earlier this week, the Associated Press stated that “[t]he 2012 Republican [presidential] field is deeply flawed,” and that the eventual Republican nominee will be hindered by “at least one issue that looms as an obstacle” in … Continued

Democrats Make Play For Control Of U.S. House In 2012

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is pressing forward with its “Drive to 25″ campaign to win 25 House seats in 2012. Tuesday the DCCC announced the release of newspaper ads, e-mail, and recorded phone call initiatives that hit House Republicans … Continued