Monthly Archives: March 2011

PPP: Obama Leads In Florida

All eyes will be on Florida in 2012, and as conservatives this is not ideal news…. It doesn’t look like Florida will be losing its status as one of the most competitive states in the country at the Presidential level … Continued

Are Americans Tired Of The Tea Party?

Not so sure about this one…The same metrics could be used to hammer the Republican and Democratic Party brands… Nearly half of all Americans have an unfavorable view of the tea party movement, putting it in the same company as … Continued

Obama’s 2012 Play For North Carolina

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller In 2008, Barack Obama pulled out a narrow win in North Carolina. Some would call it a fluke, pinning the GOP defeat in the Tar Heel State to John McCain’s dysfunctional field campaign strategy. After all, North … Continued

Future Of RNC Voter File In Question

Quietly so far, a power struggle is now under way for control of one of the Republican National Committee’s most valuable assets: its voter file. The file, which has been built at the cost of many millions of dollars over … Continued

Republicans Can’t Afford To Ignore Wisconsin Recall Battle

For weeks, the national media focused on union protests in Wisconsin. Each little drama was an organized response to Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill that negated labor’s influence with state employees. Then, through a legislative maneuver, Walker outfoxed the … Continued